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Aquitaine, France hotel directory including 9 destinations in the five departments of the region: Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Online reservations of hotels, apartments and b&b in the region of Aquitaine. 101 accommodations in Aquitaine offering online reservation with instant email and sms confirmation and no prepayment.

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Saint-Émilion, Gironde, Aquitaine
(photo by Fr Antunes)

Aquitaine is a beautiful region comprising five departments, located in South-West France. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean to the west and on the Pyrenees Mountains to the south. The region inherits the territory of a once independent and almost sovereign medieval state, whose rulers had the title Duke.

The region is rich in archeological finds dating back to Prehistoric times. The first known local inhabitants were the Aquitanians, who gave their name to the area. They were of a mixed Celtic and more like Iberian origin. In the middle of the 1st century BC Aquitaine was conquered by the Romans. Its territory together with the lands of some Gaul tribes were turned into a large province named Aquitania and spreading as far in north direction as the valley of the River Loire.

From the 10th century onwards the counts of Poitiers possessed the title Duke of Aquitaine too. They managed to hold this title until 1137 when the duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine became wife to the French King Louis VII and her duchy passed under the control of France. But 15 yeas later their marriage was promulgated invalid and Eleanor married again, this time the English King Henry II. Aquitaine became possession of England and the trade with quality wines produced in the region and exported to the large ports of London and Southampton flourished.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz (a photo by russelljsmith)

After the end of the Hundred Years' War (1453) Aquitaine was annexed again by the French Kingdom and remained in France until present day. From the late Middle Ages until the time of the French Revolution the region was also known with the name "Guyenne". It was the main stronghold of the so called "Protestant Huguenots" who in the period 16th-17th century were severely prosecuted by the Catholic church. They even summoned the English Kingdom to help them against their worst enemy - Cardinal Richelieu.

The second economic boom of Aquitaine was achieved in the 18th century when the port cities of the region took an important role in the expanding colonial trade of the French Empire. During the same century the most important port in the area - Bordeaux turned into a large and flourishing city.

The region of Aquitaine is more famous with its red wines, vineyards and excellent cuisine than natural beauty and historic heritage. Although the Entre-Deux-Mers' picturesque hills and the atmospheric historic town of Saint-Émilion attract many visitors exactly with these two main qualities. Among the ather popular tourist destinations for the lovers of nature is the vast plain of Les Landes, overgrown by lovely pine forests or the endless beaches along the Atlantic coast in Côte d'Argent (Silver Coast). The latter impress more with their size than with any picturesque forms.