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Bretagne, France hotel directory with 15 destinations in the four departments of the region: Côtes-d'Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan and Finistère. Online reservations of hotels, guesthouses, apartments and b&b in the region of Bretagne. 85 hotels in Bretagne offering online reservation with instant email and sms confirmation and no prepayment.

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What is more romantic than the wild moors of France, and which one is more well known than Brittany, or Bretagne in France? Located on the western border of France, the Bretagne peninsula boasts the longest coastline in France, meeting the ocean with deep blue green waters. It juts in between the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. It is a topographical masterpiece with rocky cliffs and landings in the north, and warm sandy beaches in the south. The jagged edges of the peninsula also allow for home for many fishing villages. Bretagne has a rich Celtic heritage, and many speak Breton, a Celtic-derived language, as well as French. Most of its culture, clothing, and practices lie within Celtic and Catholic traditions. Because of the seaside nature of the area, both food and tourism revolves around it. Bretagne is well known for its seafare and wine, but also for water sports, like kayaking, sailing, and scuba-diving. Oceanopolis is a place filled with 50 aquariums of all sorts of sea wildlife. And for those in search of rest, relaxation and wellness, Bretagne is where thalassotherapy or treatment with seawater originated. So visit one of the many spa resorts that dot the coastal areas. And end a day with Bretagne's dessert specialty, crêpes. Also, with its long history, Bretagne is filled with ancient Gothic style cathedrals, like Nantes Cathedral, one of the last Gothic French cathedrals. All in all, Bretagne can be just the destination for adventure, nature, or simple relaxation.