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Book online hotels on the island of Corsica, France. This hotel directory includes 4 destinations in the two departments of Corse: Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. Quick and secure reservations of hotels on the island of Corse. All 11 hotels offer online reservation with instant confirmation and no payment in advance.

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The French Island of Corsica is a beautiful island rich in culture that has an entirely different feel to it from the mainland. No trip through France is complete without visiting the island and taking in its unique attitude, wonderful local cuisine and gorgeous land. Corsica consists primarily of breath-taking mountain ranges coupled with lush natural forests. In fact, much of the interior of the island is composed of lands that are designated as nature reserves. The climate is temperate and beautiful year round, leaving no wonder that so much of the island's economy is from its tourism industry. Whether you like climbing, yachting, or hiking, the island offers something for everyone. But it is most famous perhaps for its culinary arts.

The local food and wine flavours are excellent as well. The island produces gourmet cheese, wine, sausages, and honey. In fact, there are six different varieties of local honey, and the wine vineyards on the island are considered some of the best in France because of its ripe Mediterranean flavour. The local industry is mostly focused on culinary arts and farming, generations of islanders working to produce the best and boldest flavours have succeeded in putting their efforts on the map.

There is a wealth of reasons to visit the island of Corsica in France, and it draws tourists from around the world in droves every year to experience the unique Mediterranean feel of an island paradise just a short hop away from the coast. Make sure and mark it on your next vacation as a must-see destination.